“A deposit into self so that you can live your life abundantly.”

Self-care management: Hey Girl Hey. Just wanted you to know that we see you. We see the core of you that others rarely see or are exposed to. That core that has been neglected because you have been focused on nurturing, growing and developing others. Yet, it’s the core of you that desires attention, nurturing and healing. The Dior Movement sees this core and seeks to root out, pull down, destroy and throw down anything that seeks to rob you of your “true” essence.

You know that “you” who was put on hold to pour into other people and before long you lost contact with her. Let us work with you to build and plant the essentials of self-care through grounding you in peace, truth and holistic health in order to reconnect you with her again without forsaking your relationships. If you want to learn more, schedule your 1hr consultation with Roni Dior to discuss where you are in your self-care journey and to create a plan that will surely get you on your way. Through this connection, you will learn more about your area of need, how to identify the source of lack, create a plan of restoration and form a realistic plan of action. You don’t have to lose yourself as you pour into others.

Self-care Coaching

  • 20 Min. Free Consultation

  • Women ages 25-45

  • Payment Plans available

  • Servicing Worldwide

  • Payment plans available

  • Servicing (TN) Only

  • Men and women ages 25-45

  • Payment plans available

  • Servicing (TN) Only

There are times in our lives that what we go through is more than what we think we can handle. Times when we wish we could just retreat and hide or skip that part in our life. Don’t feel intimidated by it or inferior to it. Understand that this is your moment of growth. Stress, anxiety, depression and lack may live there. But you can overcome them. Your strength to do this is only as great as your ability to connect to your power source. That source where you can pour out and receive understanding, encouragement, wisdom, guidance and support. And most importantly, be heard without judgment. Contact us for your free consultation so we can work with you in your process of overcoming stress, anxiety, or depression. We believe you can, you just need help arriving on the other side.

Individual Counseling

You fell in love, got married and all seemed well for a moment. But now this. Now this place of emotional neglect, misunderstanding, miscommunication and frustration. Every marriage has a point when it goes through one of these stages. However, it’s not quite over. It’s just the beginning of understanding the heart of the one you were united to grow with. Consider it the adolescent years of your union. That part where you are developing, require new understanding, needs are changing, worldview is differing and connecting with this new person you are becoming requires something that you may not be clear on how to explain to your partner. If you need help with your union’s growth, schedule an appointment to learn communication skills, how to engage with each other that is life giving and reconnect as the union God created.

Couples Counseling